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Interview Information

I am offering interviews on my platform to all artists, DJ's, Producers, & Brands. I receive a lot of traffic and i think this opportunity can benefit you as well as give your audience a chance to know you personally beyond just the music or what is see online.

I will create a custom interview specific to your brand and your release, This will be a great publication to have and can be used objectively to establish your credibility or notoriety. I will ask a series of questions in written form, all you will need to do is reply and send the questionnaire back. After the interview is posted on the site i will post it on my various social media outlets.

What I would need from you: 
1. Artist Name and Song Title
2. Link to Song or Video
3. Social media Links 
5. Picture
6. Bio (optional)

Once the materials have been sent and a payment of $45.00 has been received via invoice. I will get the Questions sent to you within 24-48 hours.


Publications Management

Thank you for inquiring about my exclusive management campaigns, Today i am rolling out my first management campaign, this campaign will be specifically tailored in getting publications that will help boost your release.

With this campaign I will be focusing on writing up your press-release as well as getting your release posted to 60 music related websites. This campaign will be great for rolling out your new single or your already existing single. 

I will update you as your release is posted, in addition your release will be featured on https://swerrrdmedia.com/swerrrdmedia-blog official website, I will also give you my personal critique and recommendations. 

 website,  will also g w can get your release featured on higher top tier sites like:

The price of this campaign is $250

For an additional $99 I can also blast your record to over 100K email contacts.

For an additional $165 I can get your release featured on higher top tier sites like:

*You can request an invoice if you are interested*


Soundcloud Management

I have created a simple and effective soundcloud management campaign that will help you roll out your new single or existing single effortlessly. This campaign is designed to rank your song and help it trend,  All streams are real, all interactions are real. Below is some information about the campaign, if you re interested please let me know which option you prefer, and i can create a personalized invoice for you.

Option 1.

100,000 streams

200 shares & likes


Posted on www.swerrrdmedia.com

Price $150

Option 2.

500,000 streams

500 shares & likes


posted on www.swerrrdmedia.com

Guaranteed posing on 5+ other websites

Price $225

Option 3.

1 million streams

500 shakes & likes


posted on www.swerrrdmedia.com

eBlast to 100,000 contacts

guaranteed posting on 10+ websites

Price $499

I can get you as many as 10 million streams.

How we get numbers:
I run your release through a series of ads on MySpace, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yahoo, Bing and various other search engines our inhouse platform is similar to the eLeavers ads platform but 3x more powerful. The ads will stop once the guaranteed view/play count has been reached. Please be advised that I run all the ads at the same time. I use a special algorithm to send out the release when there is the most significant online traffic. This is the same method the labels use to sky rocket their artists release IE: Tekashi 6ix9ine.


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