Swerrrdmedia LLC
Swerrrdmedia LLC

How Do We Get Numbers

I run your release through a series of ads on MySpace, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yahoo & Bing similar to the eLeavers ads platform but 3x more powerful. The ads will stop once the guaranteed view/play count has been reached. Please be advised that I run all the ads at the same time. I use a special algorithm to send out the release when there is the most significant online traffic. This is the same method the labels use to sky rocket their artists release IE: Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Spotify Management

Soundcloud Management

WorldStar Management

Instagram Management

Tidal Management

Reverbnation Management

Youtube Management

Bronze Campaign

Silver Campaign


Platinum Management

Diamond Management

FM RADIO Submission

IMPORTANT: To submit a record to FM radio please use this form below. Submissions are at no cost. We do not accept any payments for FM radio campaigns until you agree to contract written up after your submission detailing the stations picking up your release & how many spins you will be receive . Our process is as followed, Once you submit your record we submit it to a panel of radio program directors in your desired territories. Radio campaigns last 30 days, with a tracking report each week. Radio campaigns start at $3,500 and up.

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pdf Downloads

Here are a few important downloads

FM radio stations we submit to (pdf)


Limited Time Promotions (pdf)