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"Since dealing with Swerrrdmedia I feel wiser with the money I spend on my music career, so many snakes in the grass she helped cut that grass so I can see the games people play on this internet!!! Thanks Swerrrdmedia Peace and Blessings" 
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PR & Marketing Firm

"We understand there is a lot of scams out there that leave a lot of great talented & ambitious artists scared to invest in their career. Fortunately, SwerrrdMedia is 100% legit & we are for the artist. We would love to release your music through our elite marketing, PR firm, which is an affiliate of credible outlets like ABC, Universal Music Group (UMG) & Roc- Nation"

The fees associated with our company cover our time in submitting and corresponding to optimize your release to its fullest potential. Because you will be only paying for our labor & time our campaigns are affordable for any budget.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

25 years experience

We Offer

  • Digital and Physical Distribution with Universal Records

  • Royalties with SoundExchange and Performance Rights Organization

  • Radio Airplay with FM, College, Sirius and Internet Radio, BDS and Mediabase Weekly Airplay Reports

  • National Radio and TV Commercials (30 and 60 Sec, all FM stations available)

  • Movie Theater Promotion (30 sec. commercial added to previews and lobby)

  • Mass Texting including download sales link and giveaways

  • Barcode & Soundscan Registration

  • Copyright - PA and SR
  • FM Server, the track will be available to 16,000 PD and DJs

  • Networking and Social Network Promotion One Sheet and EPK
  • Increase Website Rank, build online presence and FANS

  • Video Placement on BET, MTV, Vh1, Music Choice, Vivo, Etc.

  • National Talk Shows, Interview & Performance (Jimmy Kimmel, Tyra, 106 & Park, Jimmy Fallon, Conan, Live w/Kelly & Michael, Ellen DeGeneres)

  • Sales and Billboard Top 20 Singles, Billboard Top 100

  • Barcode & Soundscan Registration

  • Copyright - PA and SR

  • Sales and Selling on Consignment